Care Of Flowers And Plants

If you have received a beautiful bouquet or have flowers delivered or just bought yourself, you want to enjoy it for as long as possible. We are happy to give you a few handy care tips for this.

Do not leave flowers dry for too long.

Place flowers in the water as soon as possible when you return home (or after receiving them). If you don’t have time to put the flowers in the vase right away, a bucket with a layer of water in them will do just fine until you can take care of the bouquet.

Always use a clean, well-fitting vase for your bouquet.

A vase that comes out of the dishwasher or has been washed with chlorine is fine. Glass vases are the easiest to keep clean. Do not use a metallic vase as this will contaminate the water faster. Contaminated water shortens the life of your flowers. Vases made of ceramic and crystal are suitable, but they must be well glazed (also to prevent leakage).

Fill the vase with lukewarm tap water and add the flower food sachet if necessary.

If flower food is desired, we always add a bag to the bouquets that we have to deliver. Even if you buy a bouquet or bunch of flowers in our store, we add a bag of flower food if necessary. If you want to keep the vase water extra clear, use Chrysal Clear (available at our store), this is liquid flower food that provides sufficient nutrients and clear water. If you order a bouquet in our webshop for delivery, we also add a bag of liquid food.

Remove leaves that will be in the water.

This will rot, and therefore the water in the vase will be contaminated much faster. If there are roses in your bouquet, you can just leave the thorns.

Cut the stems diagonally.

For example, use a sharp potato peeler that you only use for the flowers. You can also buy a handy flower cutter from us in the store or in our webshop (as an extra product). With this user-friendly flower cutter, you can cut a piece of your flowers in a jiffy, even if they are suitable in a bouquet. You do not have to take your bouquet apart for this, so you save time, and you can put your bouquet in a suitable vase.

It is very important to cut a piece of the stem before putting your flowers in the vase. The stem wound starts to close immediately as soon as the flowers are cut or cut, and they do not immediately go into the water. The water absorption is thereby blocked if the flowers have been dry for more than thirty minutes, cut at least 3 cm from the stems.

Cutting is better than cutting.

You cut, as it were, the capillaries of the stems. As a result, these absorb less water, which can cause the flowers to droop. If you do use pruning shears, make sure it is sharp. Damaged cutting edges due to blunt tools ensure bacterial growth and, therefore, a shorter service life.

Arrange your bouquet in the vase and make sure that the flowers have enough space in the vase.

Preferably do not mix an old and a new bouquet. This shortens the service life. Do you want to brighten up your ‘old’ bouquet with fresh flowers? Then rinse the stems well under running water before mixing them with the new flowers. Cut a piece of the stems of both the ‘old’ and the new flowers and clean the vase well before filling it with fresh water.

Find a suitable place for your bouquet.

Do not put the flowers in full sun or in a draft. The flowers then evaporate more water than they absorb and can start to droop. Also, a place near a heat source is not ideal. This also makes the flowers age faster. It is best to store fruit away from your flowers (for example, in another room or in the refrigerator). Ripening fruit (especially the apple) secretes ethylene gas, which shortens the lifespan of the flowers.

Refill the vase on time.

Flowers use a lot of water during the first few days. So keep a close eye on the water level in the vase. This is easiest in a glass vase. Are your flowers suddenly dry? Cut off a piece of the stems before refilling the vase. Minimum 3 to 7 cm. If the water is contaminated, change the water and rinse the stems if necessary.

Remove dead flowers.

If, after a few days, you see that some flowers have finished blooming, remove them. The other flowers open more easily and are given more room to bloom.


We only buy and sell fresh flowers of good quality. Because this is a fresh product, something may go wrong. Have you taken good care of the flowers, and are you not satisfied with the quality? Then come along with the flowers or contact us. If something has gone wrong, you will, of course, receive new flowers from us.